Life, Death, & Meaning
Queen's University 2016

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Week 12 - Life, Death, and Meaningg

Tuesday November 29

Margaret A. Boden: “Optimism” [LD&M]

Friday December 2

G.M. Hopkins: “The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo” [WEB]
Secondary Reading: Culler on Hopkins's "The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo"
Exam Review

Week 11 - Optimism and Pessimism

Tuesday November 22

Samantha Vice: “Optimism and Meaning” [LD&M]

Friday November 24

Arthur Schopenhauer: “On the Sufferings of the World” [LD&M]

Week 10 - Meaning Pt. 2

Tuesday November 15

David Schmidtz- "The Meanings of Life" [LD&M]

Friday November 18

Susan Wolf - "The Meaning of Lives" [LD&M]

Week 9 - Meaning Pt. 1

Tuesday November 8

Richard Hare - "Nothing Matters" [LD&M]

Essay Handout [Due: Nov. 22]

Friday November 11

Week 8 - Immortality Pt. 2

Tuesday November 1

Christine Overall - "From Here to Eternity": Is It Good to Live Forever? [LD&M]

Friday November 4

Midterm Test!

Week 7 - Immortality Pt. 1

Tuesday October 25

Bernard Williams: “The Makropulos Case” [LD&M]

Friday October 28

Jorge Luis Borges - The Immortal (from Labyrinths)

Week 5 - Death Pt. 2

Tuesday October 11

Fred Feldman: “Some Puzzles About the Evil of Death” [LD&M]

Friday October 14

Steven Luper: “Annihilation” [LD&M]

Week 4 - Death Pt. 1

Tuesday October 4

Epicurus: “Letter to Menoecceus” [WEB]

Friday October 7

Stephen E. Rosenbaum: “How to Be Dead and Not Care” [LD&M]

Week 3 - Life Pt. 2

Tuesday September 27

Derek Parfit - Whether Causing Someone to Exist Can Benefit This Person [LD&M]

Here is a video of Derek Parfit talking about 'The Self':

Friday September 30

Anne Conway - "Chapter 9: Other philosophers. Light. Life" of "The Principles"

Supplemental Reading: Project Vox article about Anne Conway

Week 2 - Life Pt. 1

Tuesday September 20

Seneca - On the Shortness of Life
If you want to take a break from studying, here's some "stoic" comedy:

Friday September 23

Francis Bacon - Of Death

Supplemental Reading: Marjorie Walters - The Literary Background of Bacon's "Of Death"

Week 1 - Introduction

Tuesday September 13


Friday September 16

The Absurd

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